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When residents of the Tucson AZ area ask their friends, “are there any good welders near me?” They always respond with Welding Tucson. We have a wide array of welding services that allow us to take on any project. Take a look through our website and find out how Welding Tucson can serve you today!

"I did not have drawings prepared or even know where to begin with my project so I was a little nervous to even call a welding shop for help. But Welding Tucson was extremely helpful with helping me figure out the best route for my project and it turned out better than I could have imagined!" - Allison Freemont

Our Services

When residents need the best welding contractors Tucson AZ has to offer, they always call Welding Tucson. What sets us apart from other welding shops in Tucson is our wide variety of welding services. Our welders and fabricators have been trained and certified on a number of welding processes, so this allows us to be prepared to accept any project that may come our way. Take a look at some of the amazing services we have to offer below!

Mobile Welding

Although our in shop welding projects have been booming lately, we also provide many different on site or residential welding services using our mobile welding vehicles. You no longer have to worry about “mobile welders near me” because we are able and willing to come to you! Our welding vehicles are equipped with all of the necessary welding equipment for any climate. Residential, indoors, outdoors, manufacturing facilities, you name it, we can weld it!

Residential Welding

Not all of our welding jobs require certifications or large scale repairs. We also have the means of providing residential services for any odd jobs around the house or farm. When there are conditions around the home or shop that require welding or fabrication you can count on our team to get you back to normal in no time.

Commercial Welding

Over the past few years our commercial welding side of the company has been rapidly expanding alongside the city of Tucson. With the majority of our welders being certified in a variety of welding processes, we have the welding contractors for any job you need. When you need certified structural welders for buildings, you can count on Welding Tucson.

Metal Fabrication

We have long standing experience with custom metal fabrication using a variety of different metals. You no longer need to search for “metal fabrication near me,” because we have the proficiencies to handle any in shop or site welding job you have. Our biggest contributor to metal fabrication jobs is custom handrail work. There is not a building, structure, or environment that we cannot design and fabricate custom handrails for. So the next time you are looking for “metal fabrication near me” give us a call for a free estimate!

Welding Repair

Our shop began as a welding repair company. So we are no strangers to mobile welding Tucson. Bring any piece of equipment by our shop and one of our talented welders will be happy to restore it to its former glory. If you are not able to bring the equipment or the welding repair is larger scale structures or piping, we are happy to send one of our welding rigs out to you for a fast and quality repair. No longer do you have to worry if there are any “repair welding shops near me,” because we have the proficiencies and means of coming to you!

About Welding Tucson

When it comes to welding companies in Tucson AZ, Welding Tucson stands apart. Our professional welders have been trained and certified in a variety of different welding processes so they are able to tackle any job that comes through the door. Some of the services we are proficient in include:

Pipe Welding - Whether you are out in the field, in commercial construction, or need pipe welding at home, we have certified welders prepared for the job. Most of our welders have obtained their 6G unlimited thickness welding certification.

Aluminum Welding - For new construction and repairs, our welders have had their hands on hundreds of aluminum projects over the years and have honed their skills with aluminum.

Mobile Welding - We have up to day welding rigs equipped with state of the art equipment ready to provide services no matter where you need them.

Arc Welding - Commonly referred to as stick welding, this process is perfect for welding in the elements. Resistant to wind and able to weld through rust and paint it is the down and dirty weld process. The biggest issue we see with some of the customers outside our shop is the lack of services at other welding shops in Tucson. But you will not have any issues finding the right service at Welding Tucson!

There are many other services we can provide but these are just a few examples of the work our welders are capable of.

Why Choose Welding Tucson Az?

Where other welding companies in Tucson AZ lack in customer service or quality, we fill that void by ALWAYS providing exemplary customer service and top notch welding and fabrication. We are dedicated to ensuring the product standards at our metal fabrication Tucson shop are upheld on every single project. We operate under a few basic guidelines that we believe has led to our success in the welding fabrication industry. Those guidelines we uphold are as follows:

  • Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. We do our best to make sure you never have to google “welding companies near me” ever again. We are always available to answer any questions you have and assist in the preparation of your welding project.
  • We always provide prompt and accurate service. If our Tucson metal fabrication shop quotes you a two week timetable, we will produce your welding services in that time frame (omitting unforeseen variables).
  • High product standards, period. We have the best welders available and continue to use high product standards in and out of our shop. Other welding shops in Tucson may cut corners to meet deadlines but we will never sacrifice quality.

We believe that these basic principles have allowed us to grow at an exponential rate over the years. Also we owe a debt of gratitude to the community members that have supported us by using our welding services Tucson. We have truly enjoyed providing custom metal fabrication Tucson, and do our best to give back to the community with our services. We hope you never have to search for “welding shops near me” ever again and appreciate the quality services at Welding Tucson!

tucson welder
tucson metal fabrication

When you need a Tucson welder you can count on, you call Welding Tucson. Our welders have years and years of combined experience that has allowed us to provide the best custom welding there is. We have incorporated many training techniques that have helped prepare our welders to become welding certified in a variety of welding processes, to which a majority of our welders hold several certifications.

Our welding expertise does not end there, this is just an example of why we have the best metal fabrication Tucson AZ. So if you find yourself wondering “where are the best welding services near me,” look no further than Welding Tucson. To find out the quality welding services and support feels like, submit our easy to use online form or reach out to us via phone or email. We hope to work with you soon!

Some of the welding equipment they are proficient with include:

Stick Welder - The second hardest welding process behind TIG welding, stick is excellent for outdoor and extreme climates. You have the ability to weld one handed in tight situations and the flux allows resistance to wind so the outdoor elements have little effect on your weld quality.

Spot Welder - Every once in a while we get some custom welding projects that require sheet metal. The spot welder is an excellent tool for welding pieces of sheet metal together.

MIG Welder (Metal Inert Gas) - Also referred to as “wire feed welding” and the easiest (yet still difficult) welding process to learn for beginners. MIG is great for pipe, structural, sheet metal, or ornamental welding. Although very versatile, the downside is it is not the cleanest process and sometimes requires post welding clean up.

TIG Welder (Tungsten Inert Gas) - This is the hardest welding process to learn, but many of our welders have received their 6G pipe welding certificate with TIG. A very clean welding process that requires two hands at all times and a lot of finesse to pull off perfect welds.

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What to Expect From Our Tucson Welding Shop

Aside from having the best welder Tucson has to offer for any type of welding or fabrication project, we always focus on providing the highest quality customer service you could receive. Our metal fabricators are highly skilled but also very knowledgeable when it comes to explaining the fabricating process. The only stupid question is one that is not asked, so we hope you always feel welcome to ask any question you can think of! We have a fairly simple transaction process that we try our best to be as transparent as possible. A typical interaction is as follows:

Request a quote from the best welder Tucson has. Submit your quote through our online form or send your drawings or questions to our email listed on the website. We would also love to see you come by our shop to talk about all things welding and fabrication!

We analyze your drawings or submissions and put together an estimate for your review.

After accepting the quote, we get to work!

Depending on the complexity of the job, the welder spends a majority of their time prepping all the necessary parts and pieces that are going to be welded.

After all of the parts and pieces have been prepped, sanded, grinded, or drilled the welder then begins fabricating the pieces using one of the many welding processes they are proficient with.

We have a two stage quality control for our end products to ensure all dimensions are held to drawing specifications. If no drawings were submitted, we still hold our own high standards for quality control.

You come by to pick up your piece or inspect the job out in the field and ensure we captured everything you had in mind.

After review, you leave a happy customer!

We always strive to provide transparent communication throughout the entire process so you are never left guessing or questioning our work. When you need “welding near me” give Welding Tucson a call for the best service and highest rated steel fabricators in Tucson!

About Tucson, Arizona

Tucson Arizona is nestled around 100 miles southeast of Phoenix, the highest populated city in Arizona. Coming in at a close second, Tucson is a population of just over half a million residents. Sitting near the bottom of Arizona, this area is believed to have been inhabited by paleo-indians as far back as 12,000 years. This has provided a rich culture to the Southern Arizona areas.

Aside from the deep culture rooted in the Tucson and surrounding areas, there are many attractions that bring tourists year round. Thanks to the climate in Arizona, it is uncommon to dip below 60 degrees fahrenheit during the day. So all of the beautiful attractions Tucson has to offer are available year round. First head to the desert to check out the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum that features an aquarium, zoo, botanical garden, natural history museum, and an art gallery over a 98 acre parcel of land. Aside from the many zoos located in Tucson, there are a lot of hiking trails along mountainsides in the desert. Being in the middle of the desert there are not very many large cities nearby, but some of them include:

  • Casas Adobes, AZ
  • Oro Valley, AZ
  • Drexel Heights, AZ
  • Green Valley, AZ
  • Tanque Verde, AZ
  • Three Points, AZ
  • Valencia West, AZ
  • Many other surrounding areas

Welding and Fabrication Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of your welding services?

Our welding services costs depend on the project that you need done. Contact us so we can discuss your project and provide you with a free quote.

Can I weld on my own?

Yes, you can weld on your own, but welding is a complicated skill that requires lot of practice for a quality result. Which is why we recommend that you hire us to be your welding company so you get your project done right.

What is metal fabrication?

Welding involves welding, cutting, bending and assembling of metal parts.

I am always hesitant to request professional services of any kind, because I typically lose an arm and a leg on the bill. Fortunately for me, Welding Tucson had very affordable rates and the quote I received was the price I paid. I would highly recommend this shop on affordability alone.

Jonathan Ramsey

I needed a quick and easy patch job on my dirt bike. I did not really care if it looked pretty or not I just needed my bike functional again. But man these welds were supreme. I cannot tell the difference between the factory welds and their patch job. Welding Tucson has got to have the best aluminum welding Tucson hands down.

Greg D.

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Our shop provides the widest variety of welding services using the most professional welders. We do not stand for “good enough” and always provide you with the support and communication you deserve. We always hold high standards on our product output for every job we do so you can always count on a seamless and “stands the test of times” weld job. We are constantly getting new customers through the door while aiding those returning customers, so our schedules fill up quickly.

If you are even considering a welding or fabrication project sometime soon, we suggest you request a quote as soon as possible! We will be prompt with our response so you can receive your services in a timely manner. To find out what the Welding Tucson experience is like feel free to reach out to us for any questions or concerns. We look forward to providing you with the best welding services you have ever had!

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